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Peter Baron
Fencer, coach and coach tutor
European and World Veterans Champion
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Like most sports the younger you take it up, the better your chances of becoming a World or Olympic champion. With fencing that was limited to some extent by the need to hold and manipulate the weapon and meaningful learning could really only start at around the age of 8. Now a teaching system, called "Go/Fence", using foam or plastic swords has been introduced for both adults and children, so that younger children can begin to learn the sport.
However, because sheer speed and dexterity are not the only attributes that get you to the top, older fencers can achieve very high levels of success. Experience, tactical awareness and even low cunning count for a lot!
Not only that but taking up fencing for the first time when well into adulthood can provide an enjoyable and rewarding pastime.  There are numerous examples of people who have taken up the sport and been very competitive at both Veterans and open age levels. Veterans fencing in the UK is organised by British Veterans Fencing.
Veterans’ Fencing is becoming very popular worldwide, having been started in this country through the efforts of Henry De Silva, who founded the NVA which has since become BVF. It has both World and European individual and teams championships. World championships are now official events of the FIE, the world governing body. These events are attended by former World and Olympic champions as well as those taking up the sport later in life, the latter often performing equally as well. Britain regularly has World Veteran champions and has topped the medal table in recent championships, finishing the 2009 event 2nd behind the hosts, Russia.

I am the Domestic Fencing Officer of the BVF, responsible for events within the UK.

If you want contact me about Veterans Fencing, please email me at or phone using the details on the contacts page
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