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This site aims to provide a wealth of information about fencing. There are links to other sites in case you don't find what you need to know.



SFC runs beginners' courses

Full details on the beginners' page

You are invited to come for a taster
At most times - at mutual convenience

Next Beginners' course 08/06/17
Contact us
For details

Junior classes

Junior classes

For details see
Juniors page




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SFC Club Logo

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"Dynamic", "Exciting", "Dramatic", "Exhilerating", "Like chess on wheels"
... just some of the things people say about the sport

We hope that you're convinced it's the sport for you!
If so, read on to find out about more starting, with first some general info about taking up the sport

Starting Fencing - General Information

Whilst we hope that you have come to this page because you think Stourbridge Fencing Club might be the right place for you to try fencing, we'll start off with some general information about how to start in the sport.

Most clubs offer beginners' courses, even some which have, in the past, relied on attracting experienced fencers because they had the top coaches and facilities. Most clubs don't see this as a chance to fleece the punter and bolster club funds, so generally speaking the fees charged are not exorbitant. Normally the necessary kit is also provided. Although some clubs make a separate charge for its hire, many provide that for free. Usually apart from some enthusiasm and a willingness to make new friends, all you need is to take with you a pair of trainers and to wear something suitable like a T-shirt and trousers or tracksuit. Oh, and as it's a more exhausting sport than many imagine, you might want a drink and a towel!

If our club is not convenient to you, we may be able to help you to find one that is. The links page shows local clubs that have a web site. If that doesn't help, please ask - see the club details page for contact information.

The sport has seen a huge increase in popularity recently and Stourbridge Fencing Club has been very successful in recruitment over the last few years, running beginners' courses with increasing frequency to meet demand. The date of the next course will be posted on the course page whenever there is one imminent.

Starting Fencing - with SFC

The club welcomes both experienced fencers and beginners and runs introductory courses at various times, usually at the start of school terms. We are also again able to offer the optioncome and try the sport with a couple of "free" taster sessions at most times. Sometimes we will suggest that they wait until the next beginners' course.
If you want to give one-off session as a gift, it should be possible to arrange. For a small fee we will provide a "gift voucher" and a certificate of completion of the course as a souvenir of the session

We would like you to try this exhilarating sport with us.
As a result of recent development at the club there are more options for joining.
For information on costs, please go to the Club details page (Club info link) and follow the link on there to subscriptions

Please choose look at the 3 sections below and follow the appropriate links

1. “Experienced fencers” - including visitors

If you are an 'experienced' fencer (not necessarily very experienced!) and wish to join or visit (so no need for a beginners' course) you're welcome at any time.
By the way, even if it's a zillion years since you fenced and it was only on a beginners' course somewhere, you probably don't need to do one again.
We're happy to discuss what you need to do get back into fencing.

See club details page for contact details.

Contact Page

2. “Senior beginners”

Now that we have introduced a separate junior group, this course is for fencers aged 14 and above.


We offer a taster at most times at mutual convenience.
Our next beginners' course starts 8th June '17.(TBC)

Please use the link below to see details of these events.

Beginners' Course Page

3. New Junior courses at SFC

The club has introduced courses specifically for juniors under 13.
It is intended to split the age groups into younger and older sections, when numbers allow.

Unlike the senior groups, because the teaching situation is different, it is currently possible to join the junior group(s) at any time. Depending on interest, there may be a separate beginners' course for juniors later.

Juniors currently meet 18.30 - 19.45 on Thursdays. Tuesday classes may be available if demand warrants it.

If you would like details of the junior course, please use the link below.

Junior Course Page