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Beginners' Course Details

Next course starts 12th January 2017
4 weeks, cost only 40 adults (24 if in full time education)
See below for further information about the courses

At other times taster sessions are offerred at mutual convenience.

To book a course place/taster click for contact details

Start date:   Starts 27th April 2017
NOTE: In view of the late decision to run this course, arrangements will be made to accommodate people who do not learn of the course prior to Thursday 27th and can only start the following week.
They will get the full course and for their fee.

Booking a place/Enrolment : Contact us by email or by phoning the number below for a place on the course. No separate enrolment session is required.

Formal enrolment and payment of course fee for the taster course will take place shortly before the start of the session.
If emailing filling in this short form and send it with your email ensures we get the necessary details.
If phoning, please give the following details: Name, Telephone contact number, Email address (if available), Age group (adult/child*)

No fees are payable at this stage.

You are not required to join the National Governing Body, British Fencing, until you decide to continue fencing and join the club.
Details of when and how to do this and level required will be given later.
The cost of the course does not include this BF membership nor does club membership.
However, BF membership is NOT required for the beginners' courses as insurance cover is provided through the coaches' insurance.

Payment for the course fee can be by BACS tranfer, CASH OR CHEQUE made payable to STOURBRIDGE FENCING CLUB
The registration formalities will be dealt with at the begining of the first session, whilst you are given some background details about the sport and the club and then get down to some practical learning.
At the end of the session those legally entitled are welcome to join the regulars at the pub (currently in variable locations) and get to know us.

*Please note that we will now have separate groups for children under 13 years old. Please see the Junior Course Page and ask about joining that group. It is intended that this will be eventually split into two age groups, when numbers allow. Children may join this group at any time, if spaces are available.

General information
The following information will give you an idea what to expect of the course and what you require.
4-6 weeks.This varies from course to course depending on circumstances. The duration of each course is, however, fixed in advance.
Following the succcessful introduction of Go/Fence plastic kit for the course we intend running the first couple of sessions using that, followed by an introducing to "real" metal fencing.
After that period participants are invited to continue as club members, with class and individual coaching continuing, according to need and/or personal preference. Initially class lessons in the follow up period may be organized as an "intermediate course" but will be open to other club members wishing to revise or learn something they missed or may take the form of a whole club lesson, particularly if aimed at teaching/revising tactics.
Taster course & beginners' course 8.00 - 9.30 p.m. (please arrive 7.45 on 1st session)

The finish time is flexible and leaving a little earlier, if necessary, will not impair the learning experience unduly. The latter part of the lesson is a practice period. On the other hand, you are welcome to stay on later to practise your new skills among class members and other club members until the club session ends.
Pedmore Technology College, Grange Lane, STOURBRIDGE, DY9 7HS.
(formerly The Grange School)

This varies according to length Under 18's receive a dsicount. The fee covers all training and use of equipment.

What do I need?
Apart from a bit of determination, some energy and a willingness to enjoy yourself, you need:
  • suitable LONG trousers (track/jogging suit, jeans, leggings, etc.) T-shirt or similar top, (i.e. preferably without a collar), pumps or trainers designed for indoor use (Non marking soles), towel & toiletries (optional) - you could feel in need of a shower! a drink (optional and non-fizzy - water preferable to avoid sticky stains on the floor)
  • All specialist equipment required for the course is provided at no extra charge.
NOTE, however, that for ALL FENCING other than the non-electric Foil that you will do during the course, it is compulsory to wear fencing breeches. Breeches WILL NOT be provided. You will, therefore need to buy a pair of breeches early in your fencing career, if you wish to do any electrical fencing or any involving a weapon other than foil. You should be aware that most free practice in the club is done electrically, since all competition is fenced with electric scoring. Whilst there will no pressure to buy kit and the rest of the equipment, of which there is quite a large supply, will remain available for use after the course until you are ready to buy your own, priority will be given to beginners over more experienced fencers if supplies are stretched.

Contact/application: To book a place on the course, contact the club

1. contact by:
a)      e-mail
(please ensure that you enter a subject, e.g. "beginner fencing" - to avoid deletion as an Anti-Virus security measure.)

b) phone 01384 400242 (answerphone available).

Course details: Initially sessions will be approximately 1 3/4 hours long, led by one of the Club's well qualified coaches.

The order of events given below and the methods used may vary according to the coach running the particular course and should be seen only as a guide.
Each session will begin with a warm up and, after the first session, footwork exercises, usually with other club members.
The course will give a rapid introduction to the sport covering the syllabus of the British Fencing Achievement Award Scheme, Grade 1 plus additional skills including most of Grade 2. However, although there is now a special set of Awards for the Go/Fence scheme, the achievement of any "metal fencing" Grade Award standard requires a higher competence level and we shall be rapidly moving away from the plastic. Later, when a course member has reached the required Grade standard he/she may purchase a certificate and badge to prove it, although this is NOT compulsory!
As progress is made, an increasing part of the time will be spent on practising the skills already learnt in a more competitive way. Course members will also be encouraged to practise their skills with existing members in organized activities and are encouraged to stay to the end of the evening session (10.00 p.m.) to help integrate into the club.
Because the course structure includes a revision element in each lesson, it will enable anyone to catch up who is forced to miss the odd week, by other commitments or illness.
By the way, traditionally adults usually end up in the pub for the important task of replacing lost fluids. Course members old enough are most welcome to join in this training activity!


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