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This site aims to provide a wealth of information about fencing. There are links to other sites in case you don't find what you need to know.



SFC runs beginners' courses

Full details on the beginners' page

You are invited to come for a taster
At most times - at mutual convenience

Next Beginners' course 08/06/17
Contact us
For details

Junior classes

For details see
Juniors page



SFC Club Logo






SFC Club Logo

50 years of SFC - a look at the club history

We hope you will enjoy reading about the sport of Fencing and the club and will leave convinced that
Fencing really is a Sport for All
(including you!)

And if you thought you were too old....Watch this video!
It's about a friend, rival and sometimes GB team mate of some of our own "vintage" fencers.

The club offers a friendly welcome to beginners and experienced fencers alike
All 3 weapons are available - foil, épée & sabre

So if you fancy yourself as Zorro, d'Artagnan or James Bond,
come and join in this dramatic, exhilerating sport

Contact us now to get your name down for a great experience.

Junior group reached capacity and has split into 2 as from March 2017
More details below
Beginners' course starting Thursday 8th June.
Subject to confirmation. Depends on sufficient interest to make it viable.
Those who have contacted the club in the last couple of months about joining a course, please contact again to let us know whether you are interested in this course.


Junior Fencing:
Two separate classes for juniors:
from 8 up to yr 7 running from 6.15 - 7.15p.m.
from yr 8 - 13+ running from 7.15 - 8.15p.m.
(Venue open 6.00p.m. & 7.00p.m. respectively for prompt start)
Classes Thursdays
(Classes on a different day may be offered eventually)
Contact us to book a FREE taster

Stourbridge Fencing Club is working towards BF Swordmark status
(Swordmark is fencing's equivalent of Clubmark; see club info page)

Clubmark link


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Please contact the club, if necessary, for their details.


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